Deep Tissue Massage

This relaxing, deeply therapeutic massage treatment is designed to ease muscle tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, and stimulate the nerves and senses. Performed on a comfortable massage table, the Serene Blü Deep Tissue Massage leaves clients revitalized, relaxed, and refreshed. It’s the perfect way to relieve stress and work on problem tension areas. Only after you’re finished will you know just how much your body needed it!


The ancient art of reflexology offers a soothing, yet energizing massage by stimulating the feet with alternating pressure and relaxation techniques that improve circulation and promote the natural functioning of related areas throughout the body. After a Serene Blü Reflexology treatment, our clients are renewed, refreshed and ready to get back to their day!

Chair massage

Chair massage offers the relaxing benefits of deep tissue massage for the on-the-go client looking for a refreshing, revitalizing break in the day. Our adjustable, amazingly comfortable chairs allow clients to treat themselves to a Serene Blü massage experience without taking their shoes off! It’s a welcome break that will bring a tired body a second wind.

Couple’s Massage

Available at all of our Serene Blü locations, share the experience of your session with a loved one.  Each of you can pick your own treatment.  Maybe a Hot Stone and a Deep Tissue? No problem! Treat your loved one to an amazing massage while at the same time being able to melt away your own tension.  Make it part of your regular date-night routine.  You won’t be disappointed.

Hot Stone Massage

The Serene Blü Warm Stone Massage is a total body/mind rejuvenation treatment. Heated Sea Stones that have been energized by the sea are precisely heated and then placed on specific points to gently warm and soothe. This rhythmic massage thoroughly dissolves and collects tension and calms the spirit; transporting the spirit to a new level of relaxation and awareness. Stone massage is very effective to create harmony, positive energy flow and promoting an increased sense of balance.